Welcome To My Self-Manifested Universe


After being discovered at the age of fourteen by future-to-be engineer, co-writer, producer, manager, life coach, business partner and mentor Jacob Indigo (Blueyez), Theodore Kidd has only ever looked onward and now strives to make one thing clear - to be yourself.

Emerging from Sydney, Australia with a fusion of upbeat and happy chord progressions paired with lyrics that range from melancholic to satirical, Theodore Kidd is undeniably creating a new and original musical style by blending contrasting elements of music together. 

With musical influences spanning from Elvis Presley to Eminem, Theodore combines unlikely genres and musical eras to form a new and different sound. Vintage Blues and Modern Rap overtones can be heard within his music and are evident on tracks such as Introvert, Front Row, and Be Yourself, with song lyrics ranging from a humble singer–songwriter to a boastful and energetic rapper.

Overall, Theodore Kidd aims to tear down musical barriers and unite opposing musical crowds throughout his career.